A Bluenumber initiative to  support sustainability within the Palm Oil Industry.


The Global Palm Oil Map (GPOM) is a Bluenumber initiative to support sustainability in the Palm Oil Industry. GPOM is a consolidated map of data from open sources and private volunteered sources.

Bluenumber independently and neutrally analyses the information using BlueView supply chain mapping methodology to present it in a single map.

Each entity on the GPOM is verified using a unique Bluenumber Digital Identity (B# ID). We check how many times every person, place or organisation is referenced in different independent sources. We only show entities that we can verify against two or more data sources.

Do you have a dataset to share or check of people, places or businesses involved in Palm Oil? Get a free account now!

We will continuously update GPOM as an open-source resource for all parties working to make the Palm Oil sector more sustainable. , Bluenumber invites you to contribute your datasets to help others know how and where sustainable Palm Oil is produced.


GPOM uses Bluenumber Digital Identity (B#-ID) to check and verify that all entities are unique. B#-ID ensures no double- counting or duplication of data. We triangulate independent data sources against each other to verify every person, place or organisation presented.

Are all the entities in your  supply chain verified? Use GPOM to find out. Get a free account now!


We actively look for new datasets to update GPOM. We find publicly available information and data from various sources

Contributed Sources

Are you a community organisation or business with data about Palm Oil? If you share your data for others to reference on GPOM we will provide you with your own personal private dashboard to manage it. Your organisation will be credited as a Source or Contributor if you share data to GPOM. Please register to find out more.


Please share data to help others understand how and where sustainable Palm Oil is produced. GPOM. If you share data we will provide you with your own dashboard of the entities in your dataset. All contribitors can choose to be acknowledged on GPOM. We will show your logo, name and provide a direct link to your webpage.

Frequestly Asked Questions

The GPOM is an open source tool for public use. Access is not restricted or limited. By registering we can help you to share data or answer any questions you may have. If you want, we can send you periodic alerts on GPOM updates and enchancement.

We do not censor or screen the data we find from public sources of shared by contributors. We review datasets inly to ensure that they can be technically mapped. We use B#s only to triangulate and verify data.

The GPOM is provided by Bluenumber free of charge. GPOM is not sponsored or supported by any special interest groups

We update GPOM twice a month

Please cite as follows: “Bluenumber Global Palm Oil Map” and add this link to the GPOM page https://gpom.bluenumber.com/

You get a free personal and private dashboard. Your dashboard will show a map of all the entities within your own dataset.

You can choose to remain anonymous or we can credit you by displaying your logo, name and a direct link to your website. You can choose how you want your data to be shown on GPOM. Your data can either be ‘Private’ or ‘Public’. The difference is if you want your name to be shown in the pop-up box of each entity that you have contributed.

To be mapped on the GPOM your data must have:

  1. Name of Person, Place or Organisation
  2. Type (e.g. Mill, Plantation, Farmer, Seed Producer)
  3. Location (ideally GPS coordinates, or if not then a full street address)

If you have any other questions, please ask [email protected]

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